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Hinamatsuri with 【My Paler】from Arnest Inc. (° ꈊ °)✧

One of our "all-rounder" is definitely【 #MyParler .】
Look!! The pictures we just loaded can really tell you so;)

Feel now, spring is really on the way!! Celebrating #Hinamatsuri in this happy season means that every parent hopes for their daughters' happiness. 

#Arnest loves this Japanese traditional culture♪♪ 

【Myform Yummy Smile Animals】from Arnest Inc. (° ꈊ °)✧

One of the events for girls in Japan, #Hinamatsuri is coming and we have an ideal item makes your #Hinamatsuricould have lots of #kawaii on that day♡
#chirashizushi, one of the popular menu for #Hinamatsuri would be a cute face with favorite #Sushi fillings♪
How about #Hinamatsuri curry just like the picture we just loaded up? :) #Hinamatsuridinner, party, even lunch would be perfect with 【#MyformYummySmileAnimals】!!

【Pancake mold set】from Arnest Inc. (° ꈊ °)✧

#Valentine'sday is coming soon!! Our 【Pancake mold set】 is ideal for valentine-decorated sweets🍫🍪🥧🍩preparations♪ 

It's even nice for upcoming 🌸Hina-matsuri🌸, and other special occasions like Christmas🎁 as well♪
Let's prepare for the special day and your #Valentine'sday with the 【Pancake mold set】;)