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【WAGARA】"Nori Cutter Assembly Set" from Arnest Inc. (° ꈊ °)✧

Have you guys checked #Eho for this year, yet? The south‐southeast is #Eho this year;) 
Our "Nori Cutter Assembly Set"【WAGARA】is ideal for preparing your original #ehorollthat helps to make your dreams come true!! 
Remember, face up to the direction, no talking, eat it up at once then;)

【Wanpaku sando MOGU-MOGU】from Arnest Inc. (° ꈊ °)✧

We really appreciate that 【Wanpakusand MOGU-MOGU】had been featured again on HIRUNANDESU, the coolest lunchtime TV show in Japan.

This cute sandwich box can be a guide to easily cut a sandwich stuffed with all your favorite fillings😘

That makes perfect moedan in your sandwich box♪ Helps your busy morning to fix a breakfast, lunch box, break time meals😋

【Omusubi Wan】for 2018 from Arnest Inc. "Year of the Dog" (° ꈊ °)✧

This year, 2018 is a "Year of 🐶the Dog." According to the 12-year cycle, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal. 

We have incredibly ideal item "Omusubi Wan" here. Only simple procedures, adorable dog face shaped onigiri can be prepared with "Omusubi Wan" ♪😋♪

Why don't you try our "Omusubi Wan" for lunch! Oh! how about a party for people with the same sign of dog🐶??