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" My Parlor " The heart-shaped food mold set from Arnest Inc. ٩(๑❛ʚ❛๑)۶

All ready for Christmas?🎄? It's a week from today♪🎄♪

One of our long-favored items since 1989, "Heart-Shaped Food Mold Set" "My Parlor" would help to decorate your Christmas🎄dinner and parties🍾!🎉!

Cake, Japanese Chirashi-Zushi, Gelatin Jello, stuff like these you want to decorate for the Christmas day can be prepared.😘 For sure, everybody wanna see how 8 pieces can be served at once with "My Parlor" 😘

"Christmas Onigiri Set" from Arnest Inc. ٩(๑❛ʚ❛๑)۶

🎄Christmas Onigiri Set🎄

Cute!Yummy! Santa Claus and reindeer shaped onigiri will make your X'mas dinner much more gorgeous♪


What's next?? Well, let's get prepared presents and just wait for a merry Christmas for a while:)

"Panda Cookie Set" from Arnest Inc. ٩(๑❛ʚ❛๑)۶

Finally, Shan Shan (Xiang Xiang)shows up to the public on 19th.

Can't wait?? Why don't we bake some adorable cookies as cute as  Shan Shan (Xiang Xiang)while waiting?

Our "Panda Cookie Set" will help you:)